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Voipride with STCL as Sister Company are a leading provider of international voice connectivity and solutions to telecom-related businesses. The company has a large presence in the African market where it has acquired expertise and know-how. VOIPRIDE caters to a wide-range of businesses including mobile operators, national regulatory entities, retail services vendors and system integrators. Part of our modus operandi is to utilize best-in-class equipment, employ innovative solutions and state-of-the-art technologies, and to manage ourselves the daily operations of our network. In addition, our network is planned and operated with plenty of redundancy and contingency in switching capabilities and connections, as we constantly study to acquire new routes and offer ever more destinations to our customers.

VOIPRIDE is passionately committed to excellence in service provision and to its pledge to maintain the lowest possible costs and highest quality. To do so, we proactively work to acquire new technologies, partner with more international providers, and dare to seize challenging new opportunities.

VOIPRIDE maintains strategic partnerships and interconnections to major international Tier one carriers such as British Telecom, France Telecom, KPN, Djibouti Telecom, Tata, Gateway, Belgacom and other renowned names.

VOIPRIDE has acquired tremendous international voice exchange capacity including satellite connections through Intelsat, NewSkies, Arabsat 3 and Express 3a, for optimum reliability and performance. The company has also invested in direct fiber connection running across the Atlantic Ocean bed providing a redundant set-up for its Main International Network and Point of Presence in London.

VOIPRIDE is firmly established in Canada, Montreal Since 2006, We have branch in the Middle East. We have our own direct routes in Africa, Middle East and Latin America. In 2013, VOIPRIDE terminated over 2 million minutes daily of voice communication and achieved a well and good turnover.



Mission & Vision

Since its inception in 2006, VOIPRIDE with STCL as sister companies mission has always been to provide a superior service at a justifiably low cost. As the company witnessed the surge of the telecommunications market and the increasing demand for international voice services, we developed our unique strategy to introduce ever more innovative solutions and tailor-made services.

Fulfilling this need for affordable quality services has been our mission ever since. Today, we strongly believe in the tremendous potential for growth of the International market for telecommunications. It has since been our new mission to become the premier provider for international voice services.

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