Our Global VoIP Network

We complete millions of minutes of international calls over our global VoIP network every day. Our direct routes enable our customers to benefit from a combination of unparalleled code coverage, voice quality and cost effectiveness. We continuously enhance our sophisticated back-office systems to achieve a high degree of flexibility, automation, and precision, enabling us to consistently deliver high quality of service and call completion rates, while maintaining a low cost infrastructure. These core systems provide our clients with a significant advantage in leveraging both Internet economics and our expertise.

VOIPRIDE offers the following benefits to our clients:

  • Rapid, direct VoIP interconnects with international VoIP deployments completed and activated within days, not weeks.
  • Cost-effective and scalable VoIP interconnects eliminating the need for increased capital expense associated with fixed TDM circuits, local loops, digital cross-connect switches and gateway ports in global interconnect facilities and data centers.
  • Enhanced call signaling control using standards-based H.323 and SIP protocols allowing internetworking and operability to multi-vendor gateways, gatekeepers, proxy servers, session border controllers, softswitches, and IP phones.
  • Simplified network peering using signaling interoperability through protocol proxies and session border controllers that enhance performance and provide carrier-class quality metrics.
  • Interdomain security (topology hiding) and CDR generation/aggregation via a single billing ingress point.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is the most integral element of our network. Each and every component is engineered for maximum reliability, scalability, and manageability-both internally and at the interfaces to customers and suppliers. At all levels of the architecture, we have implemented a high degree of fault resilience, redundancy, and instrumentation to ensure the highest standards of voice quality.

At VOIPRIDE, we believe that when it comes to voice quality, no effort is too great. Our architecture, systems, and components - essentially anything that touches our network - are designed and managed with that in mind.

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